Napa Here I Come!!

SOOOO excited!  On the plane right now trying to get this site up and running, but when we land it’s mama time!!

So lucky and blessed to be going on a short vacay with my hubby and 3 of my favorite couples to one of my FAVORITE places!  Napa Valley… here come the Juice’s!  I hope they have enough wine 🙂

We were out here 2 years ago and I fell in love!  This is totally my happy place, and this photo below is actually blown up HUGE next to my desk so I can stare at it while I edit.  To be fair, this isn’t Napa… this is from Pebble Beach on that same vacation but wine was involved and it was the latter part of that trip.  It’s all I have access to right now, but still one of my faves!!!


Water, Wine, Fire and My Love 🙂


I only brought my 50mm with me this time so not sure how many photos I will take but plan on seeing some posts soon.  Until then, enjoy your weekend!!!!!

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