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After years in the corporate sales world, I knew I needed a creative outlet and began what is now KJP back in 2009. I’m a family, child, maternity and newborn photographer serving Chicago and surrounding areas with a studio in La Grange. Learning with trial and error, mentoring with some of the best in the industry, and gaining the most from my own two crazy kiddos, I have found what makes sessions amazing happens when they are enjoyable, not stressful... Strange right? No running around the day of scrambling for shoes, or forcing everyone to look and smile. Who wants to do that for an hour?! NO. ONE. I want to have fun.

i want you to have fun

And I can do that by capturing your family just as they are, with some gentle guidance you along the way. I am truly honored when I am chosen to photograph any of my clients because it means they trust me and my vision to document their own true loves. More fun facts of me?

Check out my top 10 list and always feel free to email or call with ANY questions! If you are looking for more info on sessions, just click here. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you and your adorable family soon!

08. the beach 05. everything disney 01. family a few of my favorite things

1. We live within a 1 mile radius of most of our extended family.

The Janiszewski's are extremely close, and a requirement when finding a house was to be within walking distance of each other. It took some time but we made it happen and love that all the cousins (and adults!) can play whenever they want.

2. Flavored Coffee is a necessity in my daily life.

I drink as much as I can before noon since any after keeps me up all night! The absolute best flavors?? Harry + David’s Moose Munch and Fannie May ANYTHING. And during the holidays I cannot go a day without a Venti Extra Hot Non Fat Peppermint Mocha with Light Whip.

3. Speaking of holidays… I am obsessed with Christmas.

Like, cannot wait for 93.9 to switch to the Holiday Light and play all Christmas music all day every day. (usually the switch is around Nov 6th...yes nerd alert here. ) I'd have 1-2 trees in every room if my family would let me. Zoo Lights, Polar Express, Mt Greenwood Santa Party, Santa visits to the house, Christmas Caroling.. just all around love that time of year. So much family, so much food, so much wine, and so much fun.

4. My love for red wine is real.

My hubby and I love it so much we built a cellar to house all that goodness from our trips to Napa and Sonoma! Wine County is my version of Adult Disney World.

5. I’m a little obsessed with Disney and Disneyworld.

Growing up I had a stuffed Simba which now sleeps with my daughter, and my dad and I danced to Can You Feel the Love Tonight at my wedding. Clearly I liked the Lion King! We love seeing our kids’excitement and innocence and joy over the years when we visit. I'm not a crazy expert, but have some serious game on how to plan an awesome vacay and maximize the experience and time there.

6. I HATE moving, but have somehow managed to do a lot of it!

I’ve lived Cleveland, OH, Carmel, IN, Oxford, OH (Miami U), Las Vegas, NV, 6 different downtown Chicago apartments , Oak Lawn, IL with in-laws until our final spot in La Grange Park, IL was ready. What do I miss most? all the excitement of city life for sure, but also Miami’s heated sidewalks during wintertime (yes they really have those!!).

7. My passion for the special needs community.

The Special Needs Community holds a very special place in my heart and family, and most of my personal and business fundraising and charity efforts goes to those who cannot always speak up for themselves. Our family is deeply rooted with several special needs organizations, and when with them you know and feel how much you are helping. They teach me every day how to live a more fulfilled life and it makes me want to do all I can to give back.

8. If I could be anywhere forever it would be Holden Beach, NC.

have vacationed with our 20 closest family friends every summer since I was 5, and it's exactly as you picture every Nicholas Sparks book (written after the area... and the notebook doesn’t do it justice!) On those rocking chairs overlooking the ocean at sunset, loved ones dancing and glass of wine in hand, that's my happy place.

9. If you see me before noon, I am sorry if I look like a hobo…

in my yoga pants, zero makeup, whatever hoody I could find and sloppy top knot with a headband. There are times I forget and show up to sessions sans makeup (eek!). I can get it together but mornings heeeeccccccckkkkkk no!

10. I am addicted to reality TV…

Bachelor, Survivor, Real Housewives, well pretty much everything on Bravo, Project Runway, and I may the be the oldest person alive watching the Real World Challenges on MTV.

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