Almost Baby Time! {Chicago Newborn Photographer | La Grange Park and Western Suburb Newborn Photographer}

Only a week away!!!   I am SOOOOO anxious for Baby #2 to arrive, and hopefully I will have everything ready before then!  This little one has really thrown me through a loop, and of course is breech and would not flip so it looks like a c-section will be happening sometime next week.  I am on the wait list for late next week unless labor starts earlier so we will see!  Either way, I am ready to pop (see pic!)

For the BABY POOL, here are the guesses!  I will look at date and time first, and closest wins!

  • 12/11 3:37pm 7lbs 5oz Jackie M.
  • 12/12 11:12am 8lbs 3oz Kristan M.
  • 12/12 12:13?? 8lb 8oz Laura D.
  • 12/14 10pm 7.5 lbs Gina B.
  • 12/16 9:14am 8lb 2oz Andrea B.
  • 12/16 3:00pm 8lb 2oz Paige G.
  • 12/16 4:30pm 7lb 4oz Rita T.
  • 12/18 6:34am 8lbs 3oz Chrissy S.
  • 12/18 2pm 8lb 7oz Cara S.
  • 12/19 10am 8lb 2oz Katie T.
  • 12/19 12pm 8lbs  Jackie C.
  • 12/19  1:15pm 7lb 9oz Ashley H.
  • 12/19 2:32pm 7ln 11oz Angeles K.
  • 12/20 9:34pm 7lb 6oz Tricia C.
  • 12/21 1pm 7lb 11oz Megan O.
  • 12/23 1am 7lb 14oz Clari L.
  • 12/23 11am 7lb 3oz Cathy M.
  • 12/23 1:07pm 7lb 3oz Angela S.
  • 12/25 8am 7lb 2oz Mary S.
  • 12/26 3:45pm 8lb 1oz Rhonda K.

Will keep you all posted!  The winner gets a $200 gift certificate to KJP!!!  Can be used for session, prints, or canvas!  And stay tuned for more exciting announcements in 2014!




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